Anaqa Universal Dental Syringe by ISFY International

ISFY Launches Innovative Universal Dental Syringe

Surgical instruments manufacturer, ISFY International, has launched an innovative, universal dental syringe that is more practical, versatile and user friendly.

The syringe is the first on the market that is compatible with both 1.8ml and 2.2ml vials, eliminating the need to use separate syringes on adults and children.

It also has interchangeable threads that can accommodate all types of disposable needle, which makes it truly universal.

A removable silicon insert in the handle improves grip and makes it easier to use for dentists with smaller hands.

Part of the brands premium Anaqa range, the syringe also comes in six different colours. This enables differentiation, for example in multiple practices.

Dr Farhan Younus, CEO of ISFY International, said: “We are constantly developing new product designs, thinking up ways to make them more efficient, more convenient and easier to use for our customers.”

This dental syringe is just one of a number of innovations we will be bringing to the dental instruments market over the coming months.

ISFY Internationals Anaqa range of instruments features the finest quality French or Japanese steel, tungsten carbide tips from Serrations Ltd and all are available with optional titanium coating.

The company is unique in the marketplace in offering industry-leading warranties of between two and seven years on instruments in the Anaqa range.

Fast establishing itself as a pioneering brand in the surgical instruments market, ISFY is also known for its attention to detail, such as providing a choice of finishes for its instruments. The latest option, soon to launch, is a black finished range.