OEM Services

Original equipment manufacturing of surgical instruments by ISFY Manufacturing surgical instruments to your specifications Manufacturers of dental, ophthalmic and other surgical instruments by ISFY  

ISFY is able to manufacture surgical instruments to your exact specifications, meeting your quality, quantity, and cost objectives.

We have the capability and capacity to manufacture short-runs to mid or high volumes at our ISO-certified facilities.

At ISFY, we support your product throughout the entire OEM process to ensure brand identity and maximum product continuity, allowing your company to focus on its core competencies.

We utilize lean manufacturing principles and processes to significantly increase yield improvements, reduce inventory levels, shorten production cycle times and lower costs. Understanding the importance of a robust supply chain is key to our success.

We work in close cooperation with you and you have our absolute commitment to on-time, error-free deliveries, same time, same day, every week or whatever delivery schedule is required.