ISFY manufactures premium quality surgical instruments for dentistry. Although a young company, our people have a wealth of expertise in the field of surgical instruments; from our manufacturing teams right through to our management structure. Our ANAQA range of surgical instruments is made of the finest materials and coated with titanium for outstanding scratch and corrosion resistance. We are so confident in the quality of these instruments that we offer market-leading warranties of up to five years on every Anaqa instrument. INANI is our economical range of instruments, offering outstanding value for money, yet crafted from quality materials.


No matter how big or small your requirements are, we have the equipment, expertise, and infrastructure to manufacture instruments not only for dental but also for ophthalmology, cardiology, and general surgery, to your exact needs. We are able to manage the whole process from design to delivery or can work with your design teams to achieve what you desire. We will subject the instrument and the process to the same rigorous testing procedures as we put our own designs through, to ensure that your end product stands up to the most vigorous of tasks.

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